New to Dexter? Read our frequently asked questions to make sure you’re in the know.

What Does Dexter Do?

Dexter is your intelligent marketing assistant. You connect up your Google Analytics & Google AdWords accounts to Dexter, and Dexter will then send you intelligent alerts, recommendations, and answer any questions you have in real time.

How Do I Start With Dexter?

Click here to get started. You’ll meet Dexter in Facebook messenger – start chatting to Dexter and you’ll get automated responses instantly. Dexter will walk you through the sign up process, and then be on hand 24/7, 365 days a years to send alerts, make recommendations, and answer questions.

How Do You Use My Accounts?

We just use your accounts to read your data and inform you of what’s happening. Later, we plan to be able to make intelligence based changes to your campaigns (with your permission of course) to automate your marketing efforts and save you even more time.

How Do You Make Money?

In the future, Dexter will be a paid for service with a small monthly subscription fee. We’ll let you know in plenty of time before this change comes into effect.